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  • Ver.22 Chosungah CT VVIG Cushion SPF50 PAjpg

    [Ver.22 Chosungah] C&T VVIG Cushion SPF50+ PA++++

    A multi-tasking formula that hydrates, brightens and supports anti-aging Provides 3D dimensional, dramatic volume effect while covering pores & imperfections Blends seamlessly to achieve a smooth, radiant and flawless finish Enriched with Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid for plumped, radiant-looking   HOW TO USE 1. Press lightly the upper side of the plate to release the content. 2. Gently dap on under the eyes, cheekbones, t-zone, and chin with fingertips. Blends well, using included puff all over the face.
  • Ver.22 Chosungah Super Fit Cover Foundation 2X 12g

    [Ver.22 Chosungah] Super Fit Cover Foundation 2X 12g

    Mixed coconut oil and collagen supply rich moisture to skin. Solid stick foundation with skin adhesion maintains long lasting makeup.   HOW TO USE 1. Open cap, twist bottom and take out about 0.5cm. 2. From face center to outward apply gently. 3. Use hands or puff to pat lightly and finish.
  • Ver.22 Chosungah CT Blend Easy Firming 30ml

    [Ver.22 Chosungah] C&T Blend Easy Firming 30ml

    A skin care foundation with a capsule containing gold and rosa canina fruit oil is freshly mixed right before using then keeps your skin moisturized,hydrolyzed collagen makes your skin healthy.   HOW TO USE 1. Lightly press the button on top to dispense a sufficient amount of contents. 2. Evenly and gently apply all over your face including your forehead, t-zone, cheeks and chin.