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  • CLIO Lasting Superproof Brush Liner

    [CLIO] Kill Lasting Superproof Brush Liner 1.3ml

    A waterproof, smudge-free brush liner with a powerful film formula that prevents smudging, leaving a lasting eye expression.   HOW TO USE 1. Remove the protecting ring and press the cap and the pen together, spin the dial at the bottom for a proper amount. 2. Fill in with the contens along the eye line, draw three points from the beginning of the eyes. 3. Linked the 3 points together and fill in between. 4. Use the brush to draw a distinctive eye tail.
  • CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner 0.55ml

    [CLIO] Waterproof Pen Liner 0.55ml

    CLIO transforms its bestselling Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black with a moist sponge tip for perfect, professional eye line application. Formulated with a darker black tint that's longer-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof. Clever Ink Tank method ensures tint doesn't dry up thanks to the Smart Cap.   HOW TO USE 1. Use a regular pencil eyeliner to lightly trace on your eyelids where you want the liquid eyeliner to go. Then use the Kill Black Pen Liner to trace over the pencil lines. 2. At the lash line, create short dashes first then connect it all together with the Kill Black Pen Liner.
  • Clio Cover Glow Cushion

    [CLIO] Kill Cover Glow Cushion 15gx2

    Cushion compact provides buildable coverage that can go from medium to full, giving skin a radiant, natural-looking dewy and flawless complexion. Enriched with 60% moisturizing serum, the cushion fluid is sandwiched within the mochi-like sponge for better application and preventing it from drying. Includes a refill.   HOW TO USE Apply a small amount of product evenly across facial surface.
  • CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Concealer 7g

    [CLIO] Kill Cover Liquid Concealer 7g

    A liquid type, high-coverage concealer that masks imperfections and hides dark circles.   Ultra-high coverage with fine particles deliver buildable, full coverage all over your face Micro-size coated powder softly glides across skin to provide thin yet strong coverage with excellent adherence Clio's Film Network System provides a matte finish with long-lasting wear without oxidizing   HOW TO USE 1. Using the applicator, dap on the areas that need to be covered. 2. Gently blend in using your fingertips or a concealer brush.