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  • Semi Matte Lipstick 3.5g

    [Inga] Semi-Matte Lipstick 3.5g

    Semi-matte type lipstick that spreads smoothly without any dryness Effectively moisturize your lips while delivering vivid color onto your lips. Various color options that allow you to find best matching color for your different makeups.   HOW TO USE Turn to take the product out and gently apply on the lips.
  • Flat Liquid Lipstick 5g

    [Inga] Flat Liquid Lipstick 5g

    INGA FLAT LIQUID LIPSTICK lightly and thinly clings to your lips the moment you apply it, while fixing its original intense color.   HOW TO USE Apply an appropriate amount with the tip of the brush.
  • Fiber Tattoo Mascara 9g Black 1

    [Inga] Fiber Tattoo Mascara 9g (Black)

    INGA FIBER TATTOO MASCARA for clear eye makeup without smudging.   HOW TO USE 1. Use the inner side of the brush curve to apply mascara from the root of your eyelashes upwards. 2. Apply several for longer and richer eyelashes.
  • Secret Brush Liner 0.6g

    [Inga] Secret Brush Liner 0.6g

    Ultra-fine brush gently draws around the eyes without irritation for delicate lines Vivid color with a single touch & perfectly clings with fitting polymer without smudging Smooth sliding liquid texture clearly colors all the way with an ink-tank Safe ingredients for sensitive eye areas, instead of tinting colorants.   HOW TO USE Before open the cap, shake the product 2-3times and gently draw the eyeline along the lashline.
  • Cover Fitting Tattoo Cushion SPF35 PA13g 02 Neutral Beige

    [Inga] Cover Fitting Tattoo Cushion SPF35 PA++13g #02 (Neutral Beige)

    The perfect coverage of tattoo foundation presents you smooth skin. Contains mint herbs ingredient instantly cools and soothes your skin. Tightly adhers to your skin allows perfectly worn makeup.   HOW TO USE 1. Use the built-in puff to put the contents on the puff into the puff. 2. Gently pat your skin.
  • Secret Cover Cushion SPF50 PA15g Light Beige

    [Inga] Secret Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++15g (Light Beige)

    Not only the dullness of the skin, but also smooth uneven ruggedness will make skin flawless. It is a high-coverage formulation, but it feels light and it does not get tough or rough. Minimizes darkening with excellent skin adhesion and durability to maintain long lasting skin.   HOW TO USE 1. When using, press the button on the front of the plate to discharge an appropriate amount. 2. Use the built-in puff to put the contents on the puff into the puff. 3. Gently pat your skin.
  • 66 Dewdrop Essence Cushion SPF50 PA 12g Natural

    [Inga] 66 Dewdrop Essence Cushion SPF50+ PA++++ 12g (Natural)

    66 DEWDROP Essence Cushion, which contains 66% of essence base and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water, moisturize and closely cover and keeps the skin shiny for a long time.   HOW TO USE 1. Use a sponge to pat lightly over face for sheer to medium coverage. 2. To build coverage, apply with a sponge using a pressing and rolling motion.
  • 66 Dewdrop Cover Pact 19g 01 Light Beige

    [Inga] 66 Dewdrop Cover Pact 19g #01 (Light Beige)

    66% essence base and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water hydrate deep in your skin, and your skin will be covered perfectly clean with INGA DEWDROP COVER PACT.   HOW TO USE Apply a moderate amount on the enclosed puff and gently tap on greasy spots.
  • 66 Dewdrop Liquid Foundation SPF20 PA30ml Light Beige

    [Inga] 66 Dewdrop Liquid Foundation SPF20 PA++30ml (Light Beige)

    INGA 66 DEWDROP LIQUID FOUNDATION contains a 66% essence base and green tea water to seamlessly and lightly cling silky smooth skin.   HOW TO USE 1. Lightlu shake up and down before use. 2. Take a sufficient amount of foundation and gently apply along skin texture.
  • Cover Fitting Tattoo Foundation SPF35 PA 30ml 01 Light Vanila

    [Inga] Cover Fitting Tattoo Foundation SPF35 PA++ 30ml #01 (Light Vanila)

    A highly adhesive and covering tattoo like foundation which makes your skin clear all day by covering skin defects is INGA COVER FITTING TATTOO FOUNDATION   HOW TO USE Take an appropriate amount of the product and evenly spread it according to your skin texture, and then finish by tapping it lightly.