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  • Make Heal N.O.M.E.S Eyeliner 0.15g BR0201Make Heal N.O.M.E.S Eyeliner 0.15g

    [Make Heal] N.O.M.E.S Eyeliner 0.15g #BR0201

    1.4mm slim eyeliner is designed with a 35 degree diagonal cutting line that is well drawn on the eye, enabling delicate eye correction and sleek eye tailing.   HOW TO USE 1. Turn the dial to remove the contents about 2 mm. 2. Eyeliner Pointing the tip of the diagonal line toward the direction of the eyes and filling the mucosa between the eyelashes to create a clear eye. 3. Renders the line naturally to the tail of the eye.
  • Make Heal Highheel Nose Stick 1.6g

    [Make Heal] Highheel Nose Stick 1.6g #WH1501

    It is made up of high-lightening nostrils and a shaded brown dual color that sets a plain sassy to produce a living three-dimensional nose. Oil balance in the T zone is matched to the oil balance to keep the make-up without regulating the sebum level. Follow the suggested makeup tips depending on the shape of your nose. Easily solve the complex.   HOW TO USE 1. Depending on your needs, make a highlighter. 2. Spread naturally on the area where you want to shade.
  • Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 1.50.27 pmMake Heal V CERA Cover Stick 16g

    [Make Heal] V-CERA Cover Stick 16g #BR0202

    This plant based oil minimizes skin irritation while providing rich nutrition with soothing and moisturization effect on the skin. It gives moist and radiant shine to tired skin and brightens dull skin tone.   HOW TO USE 1. Apply from the center of the chin to the bottom of your left ear and pull it up. Apply it to the right in the same way. 2. Blend naturally to point out the jaw line.
  • Make Heal 1.P.L Cushion 30g BE0102 NMake Heal 1.P.L Cushion 30g

    [Make Heal] 1.P.L Cushion 30g #BE0102-N

    Cushion foundation with maximum coverage, brightening, wrinkle improving, and UV protection of SPF20 PA++   HOW TO USE Apply a suitable amount on entire face with enclosed puff.