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  • Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 step Kit

    [Holika Holika] Pig (Nose) Clear Black Head 3-step Kit

    A 3-step kit for perfect pore control.   Treating and protecting, Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit removes blackheads gently and safely. With three disposable nose strips, open pores, remove impurities and close again for maximum results and future prevention.   HOW TO USE 1. Apply step 1 to the nose and leave for 15-20 minutes. 2. Remove slowly and rinse. 3. To a damp nose, apply step 2 and leave for 10-15 minutes before removing. 4. Finally apply step 3 for 10-15 minutes and tap for better absorption.
  • Etude House Greentea Nose Pack

    [Etude House] Greentea Nose Pack

    The nose pack removes blackheads and tightens pores, leaving the skin smooth and clear.   HOW TO USE 1. After cleaning the face, wet the nose area with water. Then, tear off the clear film from the pack and place it onto the nose. Be sure that the adhesive side of the pack makes full contact with the skin 2. After 10-15 minutes or when the sheet has totally tried out, remove slowly from the edge fo the sheet. 3. After removing it, use a toner for a clean finish
  • Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack 6ea

    [Innisfree] Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack 6ea

    A nose pack containing Jeju volcanic scoria that removes blackheads and keeps pores clean   HOW TO USE 1. After your face wash, thoroughly wet your nose. 2. Remove the film sheet from the back of the mask. Then, apply the mask to the center of your nose and gently press it against the rest of your nose. 3. After 10-15 minutes, when the mask is completely dry, gently peel off the mask. 4. After removing the sheet, apply toner. (Recommended use: 1-2 times per week on the forehead, nose, and chin)